Endless spaces



Pictures that tell a story

Abstract Ngorongoro Crater. Tanzania 2012

Blue sky and sunset clouds in the Kalahari. South Africa 2017

Rolling mountains in the Kalahari desert. South Africa 2017

Elephants on the ridge. Masai Mara, Kenya 2014

The green desert. Damaraland, Namibia 2014

Fog rolling in. Skeleton Coast, Namibia 2014

Desert mountain range. Serra Cafema, Namibia 2014

Strolling brow hyena. Skeleton Coast, Namibia 2014

Storm building. Mara Triangle, Kenya 2014

The end of the horizon. Svalbard, Norway 2015

Endless beaches. Skeleton Coast, Namibia 2014

Sea-passage through the ice. Svalbard, Norway 2015

Wandering polar bear. Svalbard, Norway 2015

Retreating glaciers. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 2012

Pictures that tell a story
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